About us

ODS Technology ltd was founded in december 2014. From the beginning, the main activity of the company is machine processing of parts made of aluminum, steel, bronze and plastic.

Today, after several years of successful business, the company has 13 permanent employees.

Everyday activities include: product design and CNC programming, processing  on CNC machining centers, strict quality control, assembly assemblies, packaging and preparation of technical documentation.

The products that the company currently produces are in fact the basic components of the machines used to obtain the final product from the blown plastic for the food industry, pharmaceutical production and automation of their plants, as well as automation in the plants of the automotive industry.

Employees of ODS Technology have highly skilled knowledge and experience. Through constant trainings and professional education, this knowledge is improved and upgraded with the goal of making the company more efficient and satisfying its employees.

Complete company operations are carried out in accordance with regulations and regulations in the field of environmental protection.